Bip, bip, bip…


Did I ever tell you i fucking hated you?

Yes, I do, and hate myself even more for feeling like that. 

I am mad, for you not giving me what I think I need from you, for your laziness and acting out like nothing is wrong. 

When will you realize that I love you,  or whatever it can be called? 

When will you admit that you know I want to build my life with you, and not with another moron just passing by?

Why do you insist on hugs and kisses, when I am trying to be careless about you? 

I dont want a reaction…yes I do…

I want you to realize the impact you  have in my life, and of your actions. 

It is  not healthy, but still, it is what I am feeling these weeks, since you came back to talk and chit chat with me. 

 Now that everything is finished, that we dont have to meet, I really wanna punch, and slap you for all the times I did not say a word, like a little girl, fearful of making you run away, and accepting to be the maestro of my own demise.  What about me?  It is time, for ME now!

What do you want? 

Recognition, to empower yourself over me, a little bit of affection, which you are not able to ask, but truly need and seek?  Do you like feeding yourself out of my respect and my emotions for you?  It surely does seem so!

Why dont you go on your dates, and continue chatting away…Whining about being such a pity, and a wacko, and the world being full of crazy people. 

Is it to much to ask for a smile, a notice, an interest?  You say we are friends…Whou hou…Big fucking deal!  I am almost getting excited at this one…Not!

Do friends care about what happens to the other ones life, ask questions, communicate?…it seems so in the normal world my dear!

I am fed up of sucking up the air, begging for your attention, and have been too nice in the past…so now I tell you to FUCK Off!

 Am I clear enough?  FUCK OFF…or really , I meant FUCK YOU!


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Une réponse à “Bip, bip, bip…

  1. Douce Gen

    La tite madame était fâchée:P

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